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Interview with Nora Lee - Freelance Product Designer & Creative Director

Nora knows everything on how to design products. Well, almost everything. She shared with us her opinion on the things going on around the entire industry and told that there is no reason to speculate on this topic. The industry is constantly changing and she is right.

Nora Lee is a freelancer with ten years of experience. She worked in dozens of agencies and no one saw her potential she evolved by herself after she quit her last job at the office.

" When you develop a product, you should consider lots of things. The first thing to do is thinking about your client and the clients of your client. A customer-oriented product advertises itself if you do everything right."



Date: January 31

Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Cost: $100



Brain Adams

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Big Theatre 378, Main Street San-Francisco, CA United States